Our Eco-Involvements

 1. Q U A L I T Y

Provide a quality cup, washable and reusable any time our clients wants.

Our cups are made of polypropylene (plastic #5) and easily recyclable if needed.
They're stiff and designed so that their use is enjoyable for all, and washable without limit.
In addition, they can be used for both cold and hot liquids without risk of damaging their durability.
Switch now from disposable to durable and discover the 7 sizes we offer !

2. L I F E T I M E O F A N D É C O C U P
An innovative ecological system based on reuseing before recycling !


3. S U P P L I E R S

From Montreal to Toronto or Quebec,
we choose our suppliers based on their eco-friendly practices,
their social involvement and their location.

Some examples: local printing,
recycled boxes,
plastic bin made in Quebec,
social integration,
local carriers ...

4. C O M M U N I T Y
From the beginning, it is important for us to support local artists and events.

For this,
several measures have been set: Discounts for NPOs,
creation of an annual sponsorship budget for small events
wishing switch from disposable to sustainable, 
support local art ... 

ryan_labrosse_montrealmap_ecocupEcocup X Ryan Labrosse (Montreal map)