Why switch from disposable to sustainable ?

R E M O V I N G T H E D I S P O S A B L E = W A S H I N G = R E U S I N G

Eliminate the use of disposable containers (cans, disposable cups...)

by replacing them with reusable and washable cups to reduce wasting.

C L E A N N E S S   O F   T H E   S I T E S


Cleanliness contributes to leaving a clean space,
in addition to enhancing a sense of security and well-being.

Now you have the choice: Is it better to clean or simply not to soil your site ? 


A financially viable concept for the organizer

thanks to reusable cups,
some events have reduced by 80% the volume of their waste
and reduce their cleaning costs.

they're now a great communication support
and merchandising product four our clients.

E x a m p l e : 

Since the introduction of reusable glasses in July 2013,
the Piknik Electronik,
which meets on average 7,000 people divided by 2 cleaning time,
and nearly 40,000 cups were reused.
In the medium and long term,
reusable cups are important sources of savings.

We offer a range of options for rental or purchase cups
according to the financial possibilities of each.