Screen printing can be used on all Ecocup products.
This technique allows to directly print the visual on the product. 

For information:
Only one color is printed at a time, it is necessary to repeat the printing operation for another color, which leads to additional technical costs and printing.
For technical reasons wrap around print is not printable on the entire surface (0.5 inch margin).


Maximum 4 colors can be printed.
You can choose from the following color chart or send us your pantone color code.e code pantone color.



The visual 

  • If you use the Ecocup graphic designer :
  1. Send to an HD file as well as all the elements that will allow the realization of this visual. 
  2. For the complete creation of visual, a fee of $75 + taxes apply. Contact us for more information.


  • If you do not use the Ecocup graphic designer: send to your visual HD to the dimensions of the appropriate template (see template below), in one of the following formats: .ai, .psd,. Png, .eps.
Remember to attach any worked files of this visual that can help with printing.

The templates for each format are available below :
Eco12 (4oz)
Eco18 (6oz)
Eco28 (8oz)
Eco30 (10oz)
Eco40 (12oz)
Eco50 (16oz)
Eco60 (20oz)

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