How does our Ecocup concept work ?


1. For the visitors

A $2 cup refund !

A returned cup

At any time, the drinker can get their deposit back by returning the cup or glass to the designated area. They then receive one Pound. The gesture costs the drinker nothing, and they help sustainable development.  Easy !

An unreturned cup

Sometimes, the drinker decides to keep the cup or glass as a souvenir. In this case, they don’t get their deposit back. The organizer keeps it.
Download the poster (pdf)

2. For the bartender

Volunteer or professional, what do we need to know?


For a person who has no cup, the price is increased by one Pound.
A person who has a dirty empty cup or glass can exchange it for a clean full one
Full glasses can be prepared in advance.


Counting devices: These allow the collection of dirty glasses and facilitate their counting
Cardboards: The full counting devices empty into the dirty glasses cardboards.

3. For the organiser

It is important to define your event :
  • Number of beverage dispensing points
  • Number of litres of drinks distributed (even an approximation)
  • Number of visitors
The Ecocup concept can be adapted to fit the operation of your event.

The bars for festivals are often managed by different associations. The consumer orders their drink from a bar. If they want to have another drink or change the glass, they can do it at any other bar using the reusable cups. If they want to surrender their cup, they can do it at one of the event’s bars, and they receive their deposit. This operation is effective. 
Example for sports event : 

"I am organizing a race and I cannot install deposit and distribution stands for cups, only the supply points."

Ecocup recommends the use of generic unprinted cups. The full cups are prepared on the tables. The runner passes, takes their cup with the drink and then throws it in the container provided.

Some organizers choose to give a cup to each participant at registration time.